Track 4 - READY TO BUY

I brought this vibey piece of music to a writing session with Debra Alexander.  We started chatting about one thing or another, trying to hunt down the lyric.  I mentioned I had read a story in the news about Walter Cavanagh, aka Mr Plastic Fantastic, who held the Guinness World Record for having the most number of credit cards. He had collected 1497 cards with a total credit limit of 1.7 million. We both thought this was crazy and talked about our general frustration with the day to day pressure to consume. We felt the lyric should take a shot at a system that entices us to buy stuff we don't need.  To explore a bit more on this topic, check out the video below called "The Story of Stuff".  It's a twenty minute piece but if you can find the time it will bend your mind.    

I originally recorded this tune back in 2006 at Metalworks and it was quite slow.  As I began to play it live, it got faster and a little bit more edgy.  I decided to re-cut it earlier this year and we upped the tempo and went for a more swampy vibe.  The band really smoked it and I love the way the track starts where you can almost sense the scene of seduction between the seller and the one who's ready to buy.  The electric guitar slide solo ups the ante after the bridge and you're sold.

Recorded at Canterbury Music in Toronto. Engineered by Jeremy Darby. Overdubs at Jeddart Music in Mississauga. Mixed by Chad Carlson at Hippo Sound in Nashville and Mastered by Hank Williams. Produced by Justin Abedin & David Leask. Lead & BG Vocals & acoustic guitar - David Leask. Electric guitars - Justin Abedin. Drums - Lyle Molzan. Electric Bass - Drew Birston. Wurlizer & B3 Hammond - Kevin Adamson

So sleek so fine, never seen such a beautiful line
My logic's starting to fray
You tempt, you tease, pretty soon I'll be on my knees
I wanna take you away hey hey hey

    I'm ready to buy
    Take me for a ride
    I want a piece of the dream
    I'm willing I'm ready to buy

Alright, okay, make me feel like a king for a day
Every fool has his gold
No fee's too high, let the plastic slide
I'm already sold

    I'm ready to buy
    Take me for a ride
    I want a piece of the dream
    I'm willing I'm ready to buy

Past the billboards and ShopTV
There's a hunger that I gotta feed
Sell me something, sell something I need

    I'm ready to buy
    Take me for a ride
    You’ve got me drunk on the dream
    And I'm willing, I’m ready,
    I'm chillin', I'm ready to buy

© 2006 David Leask/Songs In The Air & Debra Alexander/Wordmaven Music

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