You never know who is going to respond to your music.  I recently received this music review from Italy.  Some of the Italian words looked positive and so I got my friend Manny to translate it.  Some of what you experience as a musician and songwriter is what the Scots poet Robbie Burns would call “toils obscure” - striving for something that's unseen.  When you get feedback like this, it feels someone else has met you in the music and that's a nice feeling. 


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, currently living in Canada, David Leask is a solid, talented singer and songwriter who has his musical roots in country and pop-rock, with direct and clear influences from the traditional music of his native land. 

This album, a collection of songs recorded live in the historical Clarke Memorial Hall, in Port Credit, ON., manages to capture his spirit beautifully, his most truthful and direct essence, which is lean but extremely vital and honest. Along with his rich and strong voice and his acoustic guitar, there is the excellent rhythmic and harmonic support of the electric guitar played by Justin Abedin. In addition, the flute, sax and tin whistle played by Sean O’Connor provide the right note to a great quality selection of songs. 

Introduced by the proud and intense “The Good Fight”, the record shows great inner strength, passion and truthfulness, qualities in which David Leask excels, describing personal experiences, dreams, aspirations and disappointments in a very honest way. “Working on Faith”, the emotional and full-bodied, “Blow Over”, the honorable echo of “Into the Mystic” of Van Morrison, brought by the folk melody of “Roger Sherlock’s Dream”, “Stronger In Broken Places” opening with wonderful folk influences and, on an equally great level, “Ancestor’s Eyes” make the back-bone of this song collection which explores the depth, roots and growth of David Leask’s music. 

All these songs will hold and move any listener thanks to a musical sensitivity which, nowadays, is rare to find.


  • Christine
    Christine Barrie, On.
    The Review is detailed, and spot on.

    The Review is detailed, and spot on.

  • Brenda
    Brenda Muskoka
    Music transcends language and culture and David does this in spades . . . every time. Nice work!

    Music transcends language and culture and David does this in spades . . . every time.
    Nice work!

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