As some of you know, I have a tendency to trot out my tunes and see how they fare in the furlongs of song contests. Over the years I’ve had my share of winners and losers and recently I was heartened to have a few pats on the back from the International Songwriting Competition for 3 tunes from the new record.  “When You Think No One Loves You” was a finalist and “Red Balloon” & “Between Him & Me” were both semi finalists.  As well as song contests, I’ve also been thinking about song “context” - how these songs find a context in the story of other people’s lives.  A number of people have been kind enough to tell me how their own personal stories have mapped on to my songs.  Like Jen McDonald, who publishes her own blog and highlighted the song Red Balloon, as she put it, as a “message from the universe” to “Let it go, Let it fly”.  Check out her amazing story.

The “Pressing” Need for Publicity 
We’ve been working our butts off here, trying to get the word out about the new record and spread these songs around the globe and people are taking notice.  Here’s a cool little map of worldwide airplay from stations playing the first single “Red Balloon.”

We've also just sent out 200 CD's to Americana & AAA stations and are excited to see how many DJ’s get the music and decide to give the tunes some airtime.  It’s an ongoing struggle to get anyone’s attention these days so I certainly appreciate when anyone takes it to heart.  Someone else who has resonated with the new record is music blogger Makeda Taylor who recently conducted an in depth Q & A with me about “Six in 6/8”. Check it out here 

Radio Radio
I’ve also recently had a few encounters of the radio kind!  Here are a few podcasts you can check out when you want to hear a bit more banter and heartfelt havering :) 

Upcoming Summer Dates 

The summer calendar is slowly filling in so be sure to check out the Shows Page if you want come out to a gig near you. 

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