This time of year, around Canada Day, it’s a time of reflection for those of us who call Canada home. Like each of us as individuals, Canada is a work in progress. And like all of us, that progress involves an engagement with all the stories - happy and sad, light and dark - that comprise our makeup. As a transplanted Scot, I feel very fortunate to have taken a creative and culturally immersive journey with the Six String Nation guitar, nicknamed Voyageur.  Thanks to project creator Jowi Taylor, I had the opportunity to dig into some of the stories and history embedded in the guitar and gained a better understanding of the kind of diversity, pain and beauty that is Canada. It’s helped me grow in my relationship with Canada and in my relationship with myself. 

Reflecting on the past few years, it felt like a good idea to bring together all that I’ve created with Voyageur - the songs, the interviews, live performance and music videos - on a single webpage called Made In Canada. As my Canada Day gift to you, there’s a free download of the “Voyageur In Song” EP - to hear some of the stories of Canada and hopefully to inspire your own remembering and sharing of your own stories, perhaps seeing them in a new light. 

To quote my mother-in-law at the tender age of 95, “The greatest thing in all creation is evolution, the act of becoming.” Here’s to the celebration of all of us continuing to evolve. 

Meet you in the music, 


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