Looking out the window of the plane, the stunning vista of candy floss clouds and Saskatchewan flatlands is a far cry from the rollings hills of the Scottish Borders where I grew up.  And yet, each has its own distinct beauty.  I write this from Regina SK where I am showcasing at the provincial arts conference (OSAC), as well as writing and recording with some local artists.  It's been a whirlwind over the last few weeks, partly due to a live performance video shoot that was a memorable experience.  You can get a sneak peak of a couple of performances on my EPK page.  There were lots of cool musical moments that afternoon and evening.  I'll be writing and telling you more about that soon enough but suffice to say, I feel like a lucky guy to have worked with such amazing talents as Sean O'Connor (flutes, whistle, saxophone, accordion), Justin Abedin (electric guitar), Dave Vanderpleog (audio engineer & mixing) and Mike Kirsh (videographer & post production editing.)  How was I to know that this October everything would "fall" into place so nicely.  Hope things are good with you, whatever you are doing.

Meet you in the music,

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