BLOW OVER - Track 5 Video

We've been burning the midnight oil putting the finishing touches on the new CD and audio engineer Dave Vanderploeg and I are pretty pumped about it.  Here's a picture of us at Naturally Digital with our celebratory Vitamin G in hand :) The graphics department has also been busy and the CD design is looking cool so I'll maybe share some of that with you next week.  In the meantime, if you are enjoying the tunes and can lend a hand in bringing it into the world, please drop by the website and pre-order the CD

Blow Over 
This week's 5th song was written with the talented Tim Taylor.  We had fun writing this playful tune about relationships and the weather:) Check out the live video below, with Justin Abedin smoking' on electric guitar.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

Meet you in the music, 

Storm Photograph by Jeff Wallace

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