We’ve all heard of the phrase, “it takes a village”, and I’ve certainly felt that kind of support over the years from the fans who help make things happen with my music.  One place in my heart that I’ve taken inspiration from for that “village spirit” is the team of people who run the Scottish Festival in Fergus Ontario.  They have over 300 volunteers in a small town of 20,000, all pulling together to put on a Festival that can sometimes host as many as 30,000 visitors. Having played the Festival a dozen times, it’s a big part of what inspired me to write the song, “The Tartan Kiss”. After hearing the song, the Festival commissioned a production and I enlisted producer Justin Abedin and an all star cast of musical alumni from past festivals. After a year’s delay, I am delighted to be able to be there in person on Friday August 12th at the Tattoo to sing “The Tartan Kiss” live in a special presentation with 80 dancers choreographed by Sandra Bald Jones and Dana Gamache from the SBJ Dance Studio. It’s gonna be something truly special.  I’ll also be performing at the Festival throughout the weekend so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, do check it out. 

To celebrate the Festival and the volunteers, I've released “The Tartan Kiss” as a single which is now available as a FREE download as well as on all the main streaming platforms.  There’s even a ringtone you can purchase via iTunes and money raised from ringtone sales will go to a scholarship fund at the local high school.  You’ll find all the info and links here on this page

Meet you in the music, 


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