Some folks say everything sounds better in Italian - particularly food or a romantic movie dialogue.  Happy to have my album reviewed by Remo Ricaldone for Planet Country in Italy.  Check out the online version in Italian here or read the English translation of the Planet Country Review below. 

"It’s definitely not an easy task recording an album with just six tracks, with a total of a little more than twenty three minutes and to succeed in telling you six poignant and profound stories of humanity in the widest and most varied meaning, and to do it with excellent melodic taste, including country, traditional Irish sounds, classic songwriting styles and pop music. David Leask, a Canadian with Scottish roots, is already well known by the songwriting community for his outstanding composition skills and for his ability to effortlessly combine serious topics with pleasurable and enjoyable sounds. “Six in 6/8” showcases all these qualities in the best and sharpest way. The the first track of the record “Indescribable”, is a modern country song with great impact, a love song told in a never banal or obvious way. “Red Balloon”, a Celtic-inspired tune using flute and tin whistle, is about a dear friend of his, affected by ALS, who passed away at the age of 49. It is a painful tribute with a truly memorable melody. “Caught In The Tide” is about the problems and the stress caused by the world economic crisis, that has dramatically changed lives, a track that uplifts and dignifies songwriting with intensity and poetic force, between country and pop influences. Depression and mental disorders are the topic of “When You Think No One Loves You”, performed with truly uncommon passion and interior strength. To close this record, the sufferings and the emotions of the war veterans in “Can’t Make It Back Home” and the personal considerations regarding the (many) religious intolerances across the globe in “Between Him & Me”, are two tracks where pop, rock and country sounds come together to form intense movements, blended with taste and wisdom. This record is worth listening to.Remo Ricaldone

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