1. I'm Alive

From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"I wrote this song the first time my wife and I were apart for a month. When she returned I played her the song but I was missing the crucial last verse. It was only when she went away again that I could immerse myself in the same world I had been when the idea was born and finish the song. I told her it was great she had gone away again so I could finish the song. I think she understood!"

If I could have you here
I'd hold you close but I'm alone
Like a song without words that cannot sing
If I could breath you in
I'd hold my breath and not let go
Until I'm safe, safely drowned, drowned in you,
Drowning in you

And it makes me cry
That's how I know
There's a place inside
Where angels carry your love

If I had the wings
To let me fly and chase your heart
Then I'd be gone like the wind, riding on
When I count the hours and lonely days
I know I'll wait
And I'll be strong, like the pain when you're gone
Like the pain when you're gone

When I have you here
I'll take the time to let you know
That like a song I can sing
And like a bird I can fly
'Cause I'm in love, I'm alive

Written by David Leask © 1999 Jeddart Music