1. Talking Away

From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"When I came up with the music for this song I knew it was different. I later discovered that it was in a very unusual time signature 14/8 Basically it has a bar of 9/4 and a bar of 5/4. I received two years of piano lessons from when I was twelve years old and had no time for the theory. I wonder what my teacher would say now? The words are simply an expression of the way I live my life - my own way. I always seem to be talking inside my head. Sometimes that's where you can have the best conversations!"

I've been holdin' back the tears
I've been smilin' ear to ear
I've been dangerous once or twice
I've been blinded by the light

I've been talking away walking away
Living my life my own way

I've been stung beneath my pride
Had my heart split open wide
I've been close to selling soul
Now I'm mending up that hole

I've been praying by the hour
Rubbing shoulders with the power
And he's sending me his plan
I just hope I understand

Now I'm scarcely scared of life
And I've found myself a wife
She makes me feel at home
But she leaves me room to roam

Written by David Leask © 1999 Jeddart Music