From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"This song came into being almost at the stage where I had chosen all my songs for the record. I had written the music and had an idea about a child's relationship with his grandfather which can sometimes be very powerful. I sat down with Kristi Magraw and within a few hours it was complete."

From the footprints in the sand
As I followed behind
I saw one of his strides would take three of mine
My Grandfather's wisdom was as deep as the sea
And like a message in a bottle
It comes back to me

He'd pick up a stone that looked dirty and old
And hold it in his hand like a nugget of gold
'Cause he knew with a little tumble and spin
It would shine with the colours hidden within

Through the heartaches I've had
On this bumpy trail
Through the doubts and the worries
The fear that I'd fail
He'd say to me "if you wanna stay true
Look inside for the message
The message in you"

In the dark night of the soul
He could still make me smile
Over twenty five years and two thousand miles
Well I was so glad when his letter got through
'Cause in a time of decision I knew what to do

Now I'm standing at your grave
I realise you're on your way
But I can read your epitaph
I can hear every word you'd say
I hear the words every day

Written by David Leask, Kristi Magraw © 1999 Jeddart Music