From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"In Scotland, mothering Sunday always falls about 6 weeks before mothers day in North America. I was stung a few times forgetting to send my mother's day greeting and would only realise this when I noticed the advertising on this side of the pond. When my parents were over one year, I had the chance to visit with my mom and she talked about what her mother was like, with a tear in her eye. Shortly thereafter I wrote the song and sent it over for her the following mothers day. I think she forgave me for all the others I'd missed.

By pure coincidence when we were tracking the album in the studio, this song happened to be recorded on Mothers Day. The musicians who were working with me had to call home and explain why they weren't home having dinner with their mothers because they were recording this special song!"

You've cradled me since I was born
We've survived each other's scorn
And as the time has come and gone
I've watched you love me like a mother

Heart of gold, nerves of steel
You taught me how to feel
And the feelings they are real
Between a child and a mother

Hold me, share the soul inside me
Then fly free, send me on my way

With all the earth beneath my feet
I've finally wandered out of reach
And all the silence cannot speak
Of the love from a mother

I'll build a life, I'll build a home
A family of my own
And share the love I've known
Between a child and a mother
You've cradled me since I was born
And when our time has finally gone
I know that I can still hold on
To the love of a mother

Written by David Leask © 1999 Jeddart Music