1. Walking Tall

From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"This song went through a few metamorphoses and the final one didn't come together until I enlisted the help of Kristi Magraw. Kristi is a very talented songwriter with an incredible drive to complete a song. Check out the killer guitar solo by Mr. Troy McLaggan."

I sat behind Jolene and she was in my dream
When the teacher's chalk flew
He had me up on trial a man against a child
But when she defended me I knew
She was on my side I filled up with pride

Takin' the fall But I kept walking tall
I've been walking tall
I'll keep walking tall
When the chips fall

I played hard on Wall Street
While she kept me on my feet
Loyal as a love song
One day I quit the team chasin' my own dream
To a place where I belong
I've turned my life around breakin' new Ground as I give it my all

What it is to do or die
Is to talk it out and let it out
Work it out and shout it out
To be your own, your own man
And never have to crawl
I keep walking tall

Travellin' a different road learnin' the soul's code
Takes forever to achieve
But I still stop and laugh with my better half
She's the one that I believe
Win or lose, it's what you choose
And I'm having a ball

Written by David Leask, Kristi Magraw © 1999 Jeddart Music