1. The Other Side

From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"I have a strong belief that there are forces working from the other side that help us bring certain things into being - like songs for example. This song highlights my trust in the unknown. When I was struggling to finish the lyrics for this song I jumped on my bicycle and went for a ride in the park. After wailing away like an idiot for half an hour riding around the park, I came home with the final words I needed - with a little help from the Other Side."

I stand at the waterfall
Amazed at the power that's behind it all
I swear there's a message there that I can't ignore

I pass by a wrecking ball
It swings like a demon through the seventh floor
Reminds me of the danger walking Through that door

But if I share what I find
Put my trust in the other side
I'll be strong, and I'm sure I will belong
Sometimes I'm a naked man
Stuck between the devil and the holy land
Waiting for an angel to take my hand

But I'm much smarter than
Expecting my world to have the perfect plan
I'll jump into the universe and see where I land

So I say my prayers, fight my fears
Take the dare
I know that I can do it

So I'll swim with the waterfall
Keep both eyes open for the wrecking ball
Hold on tight now 'til I freefall

Written by David Leask © 1999 Jeddart Music