1. Made My Bed

From the recording Ancestors' Eyes

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"A big theme throughout a number of my songs is the experience of emigrating to a new country. This song focuses on the positive side of that experience."

Sold my heart and left my home
Found a place where others roam
And when I look back
All I see is that closing door
Close the door

I'm on my way I'm stepping out
Nobody knows my whereabouts
And I'm the man
With the big bad plan for the world
And it is my world

I've made my bed but I can't sleep
Won't be long till I'm on my feet
I've been waitin' a lifetime to have some fun
And it's just begun

Crashing low or flying high
You can't tell me that I don't try
I've been spreading my wings
In a world that's spinning around
And I just touched down

Written by David Leask © 1999 Jeddart Music