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  1. Shidane Arone
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"When Sam Reid and I were working on the production of the song "100 Camels" we had the idea of recording some authentic Somali instrumentation as an intro. I got in touch with Abdi Adan, a well known traditional Somali performer, and invited him to come to the studio. When we played him the song he said he had also written a song about Shidane Arone. We recorded his beautiful lament and discovered it was in the same key as "100 Camels" and was the perfect intro. Thank you Abdi."

Shidane Arone Ayaa
lagu shabaaxay,
Asagoon shidaba dhigin
Biyhii shabee lliyo itu
Shirbaaya hiraan
Ayaa lagu shabaaxay

Written by Abdi Adan (Dige)