"Allowing these individuals to experience the thrill of creating, writing and recording music is something
they will never forget."
Kevin Collins, Executive Director, Friends of We Care Foundation Inc.
There is great power in song – power to educate, to inspire, to foster cooperation, to develop creativity, to heal. International award-winning songwriter, David Leask, uses his songwriting workshops to help students and people in the wider community experience the power of song. Leask brings extensive experience as a songwriting educator - working with the Songwriters Association of Canada, the School Alliance of Student Songwriters, and as a mentor for the Humber College Graduate Certificate Program in Music Composition - to deliver a creative and compelling educational experience.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs, goals and curriculum of different school and community settings.
Here is an example:

"Hero In Song" Songwriting Workshop

The "Hero In Song" Songwriting Workshop combines education in music, writing and history with the exploration of admirable character traits in inspiring figures. David Leask uses his original composition,
"Run Fox Run", written about Terry Fox, to demonstrate how to incorporate these elements into a lyric and combine them with musical ideas to create a song. Students then collaborate to write a song about their own hero.

Contact David to discuss how he might bring the power of song to your organization.

tel: 905 274 8676

email: info at DavidLeask dot com