What is a House Concert?

A House Concert is an intimate music making event – I play my songs and share my stories in the comfort of your own home in the company of your friends.

How do I host a House Concert?

Most house concerts are:
• held indoors and on weekends
• attended by 20-50 people by invitation
• paid for by a $10-20 donation per guest (to the performer)
• known to include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner
• attended by your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans
• very intimate — the audiences sit close and are attentive
• generally performed in two, 45-minute sets with a break of around 20 minutes
• I will sell CD’s at the event during the break and after the concert
• depending on where you are and where I am, I may come and eat and even stay at your place.

Although house concerts will adhere to most of these traditions, you may not find any house concerts that run exactly according to the list above. Each house concert is a collaboration between you, me and your guests. We can talk about what you’d like your house concert to be.

What about sound equipment?

You won’t need to hire a PA system or amplification, as we will provide whatever amplification may be needed.

What’s the difference between a house party and a house concert?

These performances are ‘house concerts’ not ‘house parties’. This is an important distinction. House concerts often turn into parties when the show is finished, but the actual concert is attended with the same intention that would be had when going to a theatre.

Can I bring the kids?

Absolutely. Turning kids on to live music and being able to meet and talk with a working musician can be inspiring. Obviously parents need to take into account the level of attention span of their child whether it is appropriate for a concert situation. You can also ask your host whether they will have "kid zones" set up where kids can go if they get restless.

Still Interested?

Send me an email at info at davidleask dot com or call 905 274 8676 and let’s talk about a concert in your home.