I've had fun over the years playing a variety of cover songs as part of my live performances - songs I wish I'd written and songs I've played so many times it almost feels like I had written them!  Certain covers slowly become like old friends through inhabiting the song and experimenting with arrangements. One such song is "Living Years", originally recorded by Mike & The Mechanics. I performed it live at my recent webcast concert below with Justin Abedin and it felt like the song was singing me. There's just something so moving and true about the words and music but it might also have been the fact that we were tuned to A432Hz instead of A440Hz! 

Recently a fan came up to me and said he would love to hear me do a cover of a Rob Thomas song.  I didn't know the song and was a little skeptical at first but I checked it out and thought, you know he might be right. It was a cool feeling to connect with a song I'd never thought of playing.  So that brings me here, asking you to help me "Take Cover".  What songs do you think would resonate with me and that I'd do justice to?  Let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll consider them all and record as many as I can and post them for you over the summer months.  Who knows, I might even play it at my next webcast.

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