My art nowadays is songs - writing, recording and performance - it's what I do and who I am and it's really about letting the music write and play me so I become the work of art.  I try to live in the moment, inside the song, riding every lyric and vibration along the way. 

I recently experienced all of this with my new Live CD - "The Clarke Hall Sessions" - recorded during one magical day in Clarke Memorial Hall in Port Credit, live off the centre of the hall floor, interacting with the beautiful acoustics of that historic room and playing off two fabulous musicians, Justin Abedin and Sean O' Connor.  Add in the significance of this hall being the place where my wife's parents met, 72 years earlier, when her mother was singing in the Kiwanis Music Festival and it all made for quite an amazing convergence of music and meaning. The recording is raw, real and most importantly, represents the "art and soul" of what I do.  Check out some behind-the-scenes video footage below. Over the coming weeks I'll be introducing you to the album, song by song, through a video of each song being recorded and I'll be sharing some of the stories behind the music.  If you feel drawn to support this artistic work, you can pre-order the album by clicking here. Pre-orders will ship on April 25th. For the first 100 orders, I'll be including a limited edition DVD of all the performances.
I hope we get the chance to meet in the music on this exciting new journey. 

"Behind the Scenes" Videographer - Henry Lees

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