Let me share with you a “behind the scenes” sneak peek at a unique recording session for the last track on the record. I wanted to do something special, something that showcased the different voices hidden in the Six String Nation guitar. And I wanted it performed by the core group of musicians that played on all the other songs. In one beautiful creative day at Loud Mouse Studios we set about building up the tracks from scratch - Gary Craig finding his own orchestra of percussive tones from different points on the guitar, Drew Birston transforming Voyageur into a bass guitar with the help of an octave pedal and amp, and Justin Abedin and I using the more traditional strings and fretboard. The song, “Les Chansons Du Voyageur”, is about my journey of discovery on this amazing songwriting expedition and a tribute to the guitar and all its diverse, fascinating and conflicting pieces of Canadian history and culture - the pain and the beauty.  I hope you enjoy this brief look at that wonderful day.  Watch the video below and if you enjoy it please consider ordering. And of course, spreading the digital word is always helpful.

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