In these crazy times I hope you’ve been able to find some sanity in-between the sanitization and daily panic of the pandemic. To coin a word from Robbie Burns, the whole world has gone “tapsalteerie”! 

Speaking of “tapsalteerie”, my own world was turned upside down earlier in the year, even before COVID arrived.  After experiencing chest pains, I ended up having to go in for open heart surgery.  Thankfully, the surgeons were successfully able to re-plumb and supercharge my heart and now I’m getting ready to rock again! I’m massively grateful for the amazing medical care I received. I know my story could have ended very differently and I feel beyond blessed to have survived. 

If there’s been a constant thought in my mind these past six months, it’s that I know I have so much more music left in me. Even in the days building up to my surgery, I stayed deeply immersed in the songs, recording vocals for my next album project.  Suffice to say, the performances I recorded during that time are extremely “heart-felt” and it was a great way for me to keep my own sanity before the operation. 

Since my recovery, with the invaluable guidance from producer Justin Abedin, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new record “Voyageur In Song” and I’m delighted to announce it will be released on September 18th.  I know it’s clichéd to say, but this record feels more meaningful to me than anything I’ve done previously.  The songs & stories I lovingly pulled from the amazing Six String Nation guitar, nicknamed Voyageur, took me on a remarkable journey and I can’t wait to take you on a stroll down some of these roads. In the meantime, please visit this web page to learn more about the project and consider pre-ordering a copy.  As you can imagine, these times have virtually rendered all musicians unemployed and it’s hard to know when live music will come back so any support you can offer by ordering the new record would be much appreciated. And of course, spreading the digital word is always very helpful. 

While it’s not yet possible these days to see me performing live in person you can, however, check out an online concert recorded recently with Justin Abedin for the City of Pickering which will premiere here on Facebook this coming Sunday July 26th at 2pm (EST.) I’ll be there in person in the chat area so please drop by and say hello.  I also have a solo livestream coming up on August 7th sponsored by the Mississauga Arts Council and the Music Performance Trust Fund so keep checking out my SHOWS page. 

Thanks as always for reading this and for listening.  Stay safe and sane. 

Meet you in the music, 




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