Hope you are embracing some of the many joys of summer.  For me, maybe it’s the wandering I did through the glens as a wee boy but this year I’ve had great fun sighting almost 30 different birds in our backyard.  Like Rabbie Burns & Lamont Dozier, I’m listening harder to catch those beautiful songbird melodies & get inspired! 

Summer gigs 
Speaking of outdoors, it’s the time of year for festivals and outdoor concerts so please check out my schedule to find out if I’m coming to your neighbourhood.  I do have free concerts in the “villes”- Yorkville & Unionville as well as performances at the Fergus Scottish Festival, Canadian National Exhibition, Killarney Provincial Park amongst others. 

A new record 
I’m delighted to say I’ve just finished up my 6th recording and it is now tightly sealed in the digital can! I know your latest creation is always gonna be your favourite but there is something timely about this particular group of songs. I’m really excited to share it and I’m presently in the process of working out the release details.  Stay tuned to find out how you can get your ears on it! 

Goodbye to our friend Bill Gosling 
25 years ago this month I played my first show in Toronto.  Shortly thereafter, I got a regular gig in Paupers Pub where I met Bill Gosling & Nick Furgiuele.  Together with Sean Keating we became the four legs of the band “Chalk Horse, releasing our album “Postcards From Walters Falls” about a year later.  Recently I was shocked to learn that our musical pal Bill died suddenly.  He was a lovely talented human who made many friends along the way as a sound engineer in the theatre world.  Nick and I were honoured to play a few of Bill’s tunes at a celebration of his life down at The Revival House in Stratford along with many talented artists. It was poignant and touching that the day before Bill suffered a heart attack he posted this on Facebook.  “At the end of the day it is all about the music in your life.”  Thanks for the reminder Bill and all the great memories. Godspeed. 

Take care out there. 

David                                                                                                                                                 Banner Photo by P.J. Bell

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