I hope you’re finding some joy in the summer days and nights.  I must admit there has been an excess of dark clouds of sadness in the skies recently with some heavy cumulative losses in the music community including Sinead O’Connor, Tony Bennett and our local champion of song and owner of the Moonshine Cafe, John Marlatt. As if that’s not enough, there’s been an uptick of alarming news, between weather warnings, blistering temperatures and wildfires.

Where do I go with all this grief and alarm? I do my best to open my receptors and let a song sing me through. Recently I went on an interesting emotional journey tagging moods and themes to over 200 song recordings in my catalog which now makes it searchable.  If you feel like you could use a song - in a happy or sad or somewhere in between space - write and tell me what’s up and maybe I can find and send you some musical synergy.

I have some live shows coming up, so come on out if you can and experience the music live and in person and of course, the hugs are always FREE : ) Here’s my schedule for August, click below for more details.  



Don’t forget you can also send out a FREE customizable e-Card to anyone that’s on your mind. As well as “Feet In Your Shoes”, I recently added the song, “When You Think No One Loves You”, so go ahead and send someone a musical message!


Meet you in the music,

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