I’m excited to share a live performance video of “Against the Grain”. It’s a song inspired by the mythical power of the Golden Spruce of Haida Gwaii, its tragic story and the regenerative spirit found in the piece from this amazing tree that became the top of the Six String Nation guitar. For me, it represents the idea of letting light come in, against all odds, as this remarkable sitka spruce tree had done, without photosynthesizing, for 300 years.  The live performance was recorded live off the floor, with three cameras focused on our every move. I think we captured some magic in the moment bouncing the tunes off the wonderful room at Catherine North Studios. There’s a moving interview with Jowi Taylor & I at the beginning of the video and I am extremely grateful to him and all the personnel involved who helped make this video happen.  I hope you enjoy the video.   David


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