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You never know who is going to respond to your music.  I recently received this music review from Italy.  Some of the Italian words looked positive and so I got my friend Manny to translate it.  Some of what you experience as a musician and songwriter is what the Scots poet Robbie Burns would call “toils obscure” - striving for something that's unseen.  When you get feedback like this, it feels someone else has met you in the music and that's a nice feeling.


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ANCESTORS' EYES - Track 12 Video

This week's song, the final track on "The Clarke Hall Sessions" is a song that lead me to a personal discovery about my own ancestors.  Co-written with my wife Mary Ellen, Ancestors' Eyes has been a fan favourite over the years and this stripped down live version with Justin and Sean's sensitive accompaniment seemed like a good place to sign off the record.  Check out the video performance below and the story behind the song.
Click here to buy the CD and bonus DVD or download the album.


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ALL MY LOVE - Track 11 Video

This week’s "Clarke Hall Sessions" video - All My Love - is the penultimate track and it was penned with the soulful Daryl Burgess down in Nashville.  Some of you may remember the rhythm & bluegrass version I did on my “Underneath” record.  This time, I decided to soup it up with the playful soprano saxophone of Sean O'Connor.  I hope you like it. 

I'm grateful to blogger Makeda Taylor for her kind review and Q & A she did for the "Clarke Hall Sessions".  Click here to check it out and read my take…

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"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places."

That's an Ernest Hemingway quote from "A Farewell to Arms" and it was this insightful and intriguing line that inspired Track #10, Stronger In Broken Places.  It was co-written with my wife Mary Ellen - who's pretty inspiring herself!  Growing stronger in the broken places seems to me like an inescapable part of living, whether it's navigating the crumbling music business or confronting the illusions of ego. It's a song about…

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As I look out my window right now, the buds are bursting with life and there's a whole lot of "Photosynthesis" going on! That just happens to be the name of this week's track from "The Clarke Hall Sessions". It's a tune I've recorded previously on my "Underneath" record but I wanted to capture it live on "The Clarke Hall Sessions" and take it further down a Jazz path with the wonderful saxophone playing of Sean O'Connor.  Co-written with the talented Debra Alexander, it's a song that reminds us of how we…

INTO THE MYSTIC - Track 8 Video

As you can see, I am a proud daddy again and we had a very special night last Saturday back at Clarke Hall "wettin' the bairn's heed" :) We were blessed by the historic walls and a century's worth of musical vibrations as I sent my songs out into the air with the amazing Justin Abedin & Sean O'Connor.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the celebration.

For those who were unable to attend and don't have the CD/bonus DVD in hand yet, I am continuing the video previews this week with the only cover…

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YOU & I & THE UNIVERSE - Track 7 Video

I'm confident this week's song will have some "universe-al appeal" :) It's a song co-written on a road trip in Northern Alberta with the talented Dana Blayone.  It was inspired by the experience of the vast, open plains we were passing through on my way to the writing appointment at Dana's house. I said at the time that the feeling made we want to write a "big love song".  It's also the most sick I've ever been, trying to croak out a song in a writing session and I'll be forever grateful for Dana's tenacity…Read more


I've got an award-winning song this week that I'm delighted to have finally recorded. 

You may remember me giving away a demo version of this week's track, "While I Still Breathe", as part of last summer's Freebie Friday.  I decided to take this tune into "The Clarke Hall Sessions" and capture it live and in the moment and I'm so glad I did. I've always found something very haunting about this track, ever since my co-writer,  Bruce Madole, sent along the lyric and I spontaneously reacted with the music. I…

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BLOW OVER - Track 5 Video

We've been burning the midnight oil putting the finishing touches on the new CD and audio engineer Dave Vanderploeg and I are pretty pumped about it.  Here's a picture of us at Naturally Digital with our celebratory Vitamin G in hand :) The graphics department has also been busy and the CD design is looking cool so I'll maybe share some of that with you next week.  In the meantime, if you are enjoying the tunes and can lend a hand in bringing it into the world, please drop by the website and pre-order the

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